The pleasure of being no body

I am nobody!

And before that all my friends, particularly one, who will jump to advice and advocate and trying to convince me how beautiful and smart I am, and the other who will start her preaching about self-appreciation and confidence. Let me explain.

It’s such a pleasure to be nobody!, I am the one who will be overlooked, underestimated, unseen, and unheard! The one who has neither influence, nor her words count. The one who has no decision to take, and people think her opinion has no value.

Isn’t delightful, relieving to be nobody? to step in a community, an event and say loudly what do you really think , honestly and directly? With no well chosen politically correct wording?! And nobody will be really affected and care, because your are this young (?!) little nobody! So hurray for that!

Being nobody helps also to learn and to tam this ego that you grew all over the years. Although I am aware that behind the  sounds-like-pejorative” “I am nobody”, relay all the subtle arrogance of “I AM”.

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