Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship Online Platforms

Through her experience, elCheikh grew a strong knowledge of creative enterprise, social innovation, and the wider creative economy where she has developed methodologies and approaches in the field and shared the knowledge with peers and potential prospects.
Since 2019, she was the main content developer and reviewer of online platforms exchanging knowledge about art and creative entrepreneurship developed by:

EBTEDY.COM – Goethe Institute – Egypt
Community Learning site – British Council – Nigeria

– The craft toolkit platform – British Council – Cairo / Thailand

She has developed as well, online training and mentorship sessions for:

  • e-learning platform, Goethe Institute
  • Garage El Mahrousa incubation program, Nahadet El-Mahrousa

She conducted as well need assessment for the culture entrepreneurs for the AUC Venture Lab in order to enable them to develop their program to incubate the culture entrepreneurs.

In 2018, she was one of the associate trainer of NESTA, in Egypt, where she delivers a three days ideation program for creative entrepreneurs, in collaboration with the British Council Cairo.

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