Pro to be or not to be … This is the question!

I live currently the funny transformation from being a normal person who post angry posts, write funny comments and tweet crap to the “professional manager” to be.

Professional to be or not to be? This is the question!

Well, to tackle in depth the question, I have to do some literature and consult some theories  which will not be feasible now due to the limitation of research time, blablabla (yes, I am in the middle of writing my  final thesis, so basically I will be using a lot of this academic referencing and wording crap!)

But due to the nature of this post, which is totally personal crap! I am not forced to do so. Thus (!!) I will just write about my own personal position toward this transformation.

Working in my early professional life in a corporate and frequenting many people who lived the corporate life to the max, I resisted and even flee this life style and the attitude of “professionals”

An attitude that I judge one of the colonial aspects of the industrial societies: where being “professional” is used as a compliment and associated to all these people dressed up in suits, caring agendas and sophisticated devices, emotionless to the extent of cruelness because a “professional” has no time f or emotions. I found that only in the “professional” settings, being manipulative, expressionless, mean and kick asses are virtues.

Off course this is a stereotype that can’t be generalized, although I find it very common and spread. Especially among all these fresh grads who think that by having this attitude, they re-compensate their lack of experience, and they will accelerate their entry into the business world.

Despite my long battle against this trend, I find myself driven to join the herd of professionals! I added a signature with business links and contacts to my emails.(which is useful by the way I can’t deny it!). I am considering changing my description on twitter and remove my pictures and funny comments from facebook, and of course only blogging about business related issues! And I live now the transformation and I panic. It’s like developing a second identity where you can switch on/switch off : being natural/being professional, forgetting that being professional is mainly being accessible, efficient, helpful and result oriented.

Well this is my last call for help before the complete transformation, especially to my friends, if I started to call our emails exchanges and phone calls “our communication” and if I signed them by “best regards”, please slap me on the face!

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