About learning, aging, and confidence

There are two phenomena in life that never stop amaze me: healing and learning.

Both phenomena prove for me that we are far far away from understanding our own system, body, and soul.

The simple fact to understand a word I did not know before or to start to use it in different context, or to comprehend a concept in life and in work that i used to hear but never been fully conscious about its implication in real life or in practcie, simply amaze me, blow my mind and make me feel a deep gratitude toward life and God.

Learning is amazing, understanding is enlighting, awarness and conscineous are a bless. And all comes with age and the accummulation of experiences and learning. I am celebrating everyday aging and lessons.

It occures that when i started my conscious life path, in my early twenties, I was complitely aware that i am nothing, and i know nothing about life, people and definetly about myself. With the years passing, tI had this growing confident that emerge to fill all the empty wholes that i have in my soul, and answers, ideas about what is right, wrong and what should be done and how just jump on my tongue witout even thinking about it. However this same confidence and certainity that i always seeked became a source of worry as well.

Well, I am not sure that I should yet worry about it. What I can confirm though that everything i was thinking it is right, i am not sure anymore about it. With no exception, everyone i used not to like that much or even found repulsive, i start to like, to appreciate or at least to understand where they stand and come from.

This is simply confusing! All this eveolving and changing position through the year make the same confidence gained by the years, be shaken and doughted.

The ongoing back and forth positioning, opinion changing and non stop embrasment of the opposition are tiring and exhausting, but I have to say it conforts me.

I always thought that a person does not become an old dying person by the number of days and years that s/he has been living. They dye simply once they become too sure of everything. When they have a fixed idea about life and what things should happen and how. When they have this confidence and certainity and per consequences, this unflexibility and unability to change and to respond quickly to their surroundings. Remember the dynosors !

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