On the power of healing

I remember in 2007, I had the first operation that I can remember, in my adult life. An operation in my stomach. I still can touch daily the sensitive skin of the old wound. It was not a dangerous operation but I had by then to stay at least one week in bed on my back.

I was constantly amazed during this week by the power of healing: a power that I don’t have any real control of as it was embedded in my system. First day I was in horrible pain, I coundn’t sit straight, because each movement was stretching the wound located in a very active and sensitive part of my body: my stomach. Day after day I was getting better, and the wound got less vivid and painful. Day after day, my body was recovering, slowly but magically surely.

And one day I was just fine, healthy and sound in my young body. In this moment, I thanked God for my youth and this power that operated over me. Healing is simply magical.

The same happened to me today, I woke up just fine, after a period where I suffered from a badly wounded soul. I couldn’t locate the wound in me and I will not go into details but I would say it was vivid and with each thought, I was torn by pain.

And I thank God that I am healed, it’s magical.

But I, as all of my mankind, have a short memory. In a moment of health we forget totally the pain, and in a moment of pain we forget totally the health. For the next wound I simply wish to have enough faith to keep a regenerated young soul to be able to receive the magical power of healing.

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