Ezbah Theater | مسرح العزبة

Curated and produced by Heba elCheikh | Implemented by Mahatat

Located on top of one of Cairo’s very few hills, the neighborhood of Ezbet Khairallah is structurally and topographically unique. The densely entangled community envelops its bustled activities tightly.

This project is one of the components of the “Access to Art Program”, organized by Mahatat for contemporary art, from 2014-2018. This community art project is a combination of artistic, architectural, and performance-based project, incorporating the skills and materials of the craftsmanship-rich community of Ezbet Khairallah.

The resulting artwork gives off an iconic presence but also catalyzes neighborhood-bound performance and entertainment activities. The Stage is an outcome of 3-week workshops. It hosted its first performance on 20th of October 2017 and it will be hosting future performances.

The stage stayed in place run by the Community of Ezbet Khairallah till late 2018.

Partners and Artists

Rana elNemr – Curator

Samir el Kordy – Architect

Eslam Hegazy

Ruwwad for Development

Tawasol NGO

The community of Ezbet Khairallah


Drosos Foundation

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