Resilience .. A Vertu or a Curse

My talk at the Symposium “The Unforeseen, On Participatory Art”, organized by the Leuphana Universitat,  Berlin, 16th of November.

This talk has no flashy pictures full of lively expressions and smiley faces,

 no impressive figures and numbers,

no touchy quotes from a dazzled audience,

no life-changing inspirational experiences.

 This text is a reflection on eleven years of practice with a list of questions that have no answers still.

 Ladies and gentlemen, if you are waiting for all the above, then I am not the right speaker at this panel.

This talk has only words, abstract forms, an audible testimony with a north African accent from a burned-out, and exhausted Egyptian art manager, community and outdoor art producer. Allow me to share my side of the story. Continue reading