The egos talk …

If something I keep forgetting, and life keeps reminding me of, is never ever attack nor even approach anyone’ ego.

It’s a fact, whenever the one’s ego is attacked, he or she acts like a wounded animal! S/he can justify any act of violence (verbally or even physically) to him/herself towards the person who attacks them.

And in this case, I should not be this person.

So lesson for the future: however I got hurt (ego wise of course), disapointed, pissed off from anyone, I should never ever attack his or her ego.

The catholic education that I had, always urged me to confront, and to speak my mind! Out of honesty! This is a valuable virtue indeed but not in case of anger.

In anger, it is better simply to shut up, leave, move, and change position in order to cool down then think, and most probably confrontational talk will be reviewed, if not forgotten!

Attacking a person’ ego, is nothing but weakness of character. You are simply provoking the worst on them! With no particular good results!   As even “good and kind” people, can be very mean in this situation! They will not come and apologize, or understand how you were wounded and embrace the situation! They simply will attack and attack harshly, by the cruelest way.

Result oriented actions people! Result oriented actions please!

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