The Art of living a Puzzle

by other

Playing a Puzzle can give the one this pure selfish pleasure that he can ever have, the best quality time with self thinking, focusing and acting,  a comfort zone for reflection and meditation: a zone where the world stop existing, where you can spend hours and hours with yourself with no feeling of loneliness nor boredom.

There are many ways to live a puzzle, and I say “live” because I always thought and I still do, that there are many lessons that you can learn from Puzzle, and they can be applied in real life. I can go even further saying that Puzzling has its own philosophy, that you can always recall whenever you are stuck in life.

And here below are the lessons that I’ve learned:

Lesson 1: when you go to buy a puzzle, you always choose the one which is more difficult than the previous one that you just have finished. It will take longer to assemble, and the pure pleasure to challenge yourself and to push further your boundaries is way far multiplied.

Lesson2: it has nothing to do with the final picture, because you know already what it’s gona be, it’s all about the process of making, proceeding and finally reaching your target. The journey not the destination!

Lesson3: you can spend hours and days assembling many parts of your puzzle which are totally unrelated: part of a face, part of a sky, a tree or a castle stairs, but most probably it takes just one piece added to make you link all parts together and suddenly it all makes sense.

Lesson4, you always start by the easiest part of the scene, a sky, a tree, and further it become harder and harder, you can sometimes hit the bottom of despair and decide that you can’t make it anymore, you will never be able to finish it. But with some time, patience and self-consolation, you finish it proudly. And nothing can equal that moment of victory: a feeling of conquering your own fears and negative feelings. After all you only challenge yourself while playing puzzle.

Lesson5: God is a creator and created us on his image, it’s easy to imagine what the final image will be, but nothing can predict you the rush of pleasure of adding the last piece and contemplating, proudly, the work of art of your own hands.

Lesson6: whenever you are stuck and can’t find this small little piece that you’ve been searching for a whole hour, you can just leave it for a while. Once you resume the making of your puzzle,  it will be the first piece that your eyes tumble on. The most surprising thing is to find out that it has always been there but your eyes kept overlooking it.

Lesson7: it’s cynical but true: you never find the piece that you search for, NOW at the moment. NEVER! What you should do is to leave it to the time, and take it as good as it gets, by the end you will find it anyways.

Lesson8: while adding the last piece, you get these mixed feelings: from one side, your are proud that you have accomplished your target, from the other side, you feel this emptiness inside you and you start asking yourself: what’s next? And here you are, in quest for a new challenge/target/puzzle to live.

Lesson9: you can always deconstruct your puzzle and repeat it, but it will never be the same or equal the same pleasure that you had assembling it the first time. Best solution is: put it aside and get another one, more difficult and start over and over again.

4 thoughts on “The Art of living a Puzzle

    1. Heba elCheikh

      this will be my present to you for your birthday! 🙂
      just tell me your preference : famous painting, nature’ scene, fairy tale, cartoon or urban/ city scene.

      Thanks for the attention and the feedback 🙂

  1. Ahmed Hassaballah

    Nice piece Heba… it sure makes you think.
    If I may add another lesson: every piece is unique; but has little value by itself. When put together with the right neighboring pieces, it starts to have more meaning (a tree, a face…), but it’s not complete. It’s only complete when all the pieces get together to form one coherent whole. And so are we; everyone is unique; when we manage to work in small coperative group, we can difinitely accomplish more… but when a whole community manages to work together, then we’re closer to a complete/perfect life.

    1. Heba elCheikh

      Yep Hassabo
      I totally agree, this lesson also can be added, but it’s a bit utopic till now I didn’t find this community, but still hoping for.
      Love to see you one of these days
      Take care 🙂

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