When the Artist has a distinctive position: Review of Emel Mathlouthy Concert at Al Genaina Theater

Holding my long dress tail in my hands, holding my head high, and putting my earphones wishing her song will never stop vibrating in my head. Humming, enchanted, and in trance this was my mood when I left Emel Mathlouthi concert, which took place at El Genaina Theater Thursday 3rd of September, in Ramadan program featuring young independent women singers form the Arab world) .

Way far from being monotone, her voice varies all the time, strong and wild expressing the best the freedom that she sings. Freedom, peace, love, this is all about her. Petite in her summer red dress, Emel came on stage barefoot. Spontaneous performer, she gave her audience that she enjoys singing and enteracting with the music even more than being on stage. Unconditional freedom she sings. And accordingly she choose a very well prepared program, she sung all her Arabic and traditional Tunisian songs (none of her world songs repertoire), and she was keen to please the Egyptian audience by choosing three songs from Cheikh Imam repertoire.

Not the well-known songs for Imam which will provoke a guaranteed long applause from the audience but she choose carefully which match perfectly the general theme of her songs and her concert: Resistance, and call for Freedom.

Therefore the concert was entertaining and inspiring.

This is only happen when an artist has a rich culture and a distinctive position. Way far to compare Emel Mathlouthy concert to her peer Jordanian/Iraqi singer Macadi Nahas, who performed on the same stage one week earlier.  Originally singing traditional songs from Iraq, Macadi already produced two Albums “Kan yama Kan” and “Khilkhal”. Although she spent over 70% from her concert singing Fayrouse Songs, and ended up with “sahar el Layali” song, obviously trying to gain  the acceptance and the applause of the Egyptian audience, and play it safe! The result was a concert with no spirit nor identity.

To listen to Emel Mathlouthy check http://www.myspace.com/amelmathlouthi

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